A dealer who agrees to sell at the bid price quoted by another dealer is said to "hit" that bid. The New York Times Financial Glossary

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I. hit hit 1 [hɪt] verb hit PTandPP hitting PRESPART
1. [transitive] to reach a particular level or number:

• Profits should hit $23 million this year.

• The company's shares hit a 52-week high of $34 last Friday.

2. [transitive] to have a bad effect on something:

• Strikes hit several ports in Australia last month.

• The industry has been badly hit by the rise in oil prices.

• A number of computer retail chains have been hit hard by the recession.

3. [intransitive] when a recession hits, it begins:

• A final blow to the company came when the recession hit in 1990.

4. hit the market/​shops/​shelves to become available for people to buy:

• This new generation of computers is expected to hit the market some time next year.

5. hit the jackpot to be very successful and make a lot of money:

• The company hit the jackpot with its New Kids range of clothing.

  [m0] II. hit hit 2 noun [countable]
1. something that is extremely popular and successful:

• Their latest computer game has been a big hit with customers.

• The group is currently on tour promoting its latest hit single.

2. take a hit if a person or organization takes a hit, they suffer from a problem:

• The construction industry took a serious hit as jobs declined by 37,000 during the first 10 months of the year.

3. take a hit FINANCE if a company takes a hit in its financial results, it pays a charge (= a cost related to a particular event, usually one that is not repeated in later periods of time ) :

• The bank took a huge hit in charges to clean up the mess in its African subsidiaries.

4. COMPUTING an occasion when someone looks at a particular website on the Internet:

• The Winter Olympics website had over 600 million hits in 16 days.

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   Market talk for the acceptance of a specific bid or offer price by a counterparty.

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hit UK US /hɪt/ verb (-tt-, hit)
[I or T] to have an unpleasant or negative effect on someone or something : »

Rising fuel costs hit industrial and rural areas worst.


Companies tend to be slow to lay off employees when hard times hit, but they are quicker to cease hiring.

be hit by sth »

Oil firms have been hit by a 10% increase in petroleum tax.

be hit with sth »

A tractor made in the United States and shipped to Chile is hit with $25,000 in tariffs and duties.

[T] to reach a particular level or amount, especially a very high or very low one: »

Sales hit $300 million within the first three years.

hit an all-time/a record high/low »

Last week property shares hit a record low.


The company is very capable of hitting its targets well ahead of schedule.

[T] INFORMAL to experience a difficult situation or stop making progress with something: »

Talks between the bosses and the union yesterday hit a major setback.


The project began smoothly, but then we began to hit some problems.

hit the market/shops/shelves — Cf. hit the shops/shelves
be hit hard/be hard hit (by sth) — Cf. be hit hard/be hard hit
hit a wall — Cf. hit a wall
hit bottom — Cf. hit bottom
hit it big — Cf. hit it big
hit the buffers — Cf. hit the buffers
hit the ground running — Cf. hit the ground running
hit the headlines — Cf. hit the headlines
hit the jackpot — Cf. hit the jackpot
hit the wall — Cf. hit the wall
hit UK US /hɪt/ noun [C]
a thing or person that is very popular or successful: a hit with sb/sth »

The Mexican restaurant is a huge hit with locals, who swear by the Mexican pizzas and fried bread dishes.


Plans call for doubling both the workforce and production if the vehicles prove a hit.

E-COMMERCE, MARKETING a visit to a particular website on the internet, which is then counted to calculate the number of people who see the website: attract/get/receive hits »

The site typically gets an average of about 400,000 hits a day.

something that has an unpleasant or negative effect on a person or thing: a hit to sth »

Investors are worried about the direct hit to consumer confidence.


For some businesses, the financial hit was substantial.

take a hit — Cf. take a hit

Financial and business terms. 2012.


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